Saturday, May 9, 2009

usual hangout

i was distraught by the sudden popularity of my usual hangout. It had been my chill out cafe for more than a year till last night – the crowd was overwhelming, unbelievably packed and noisy. It looked more like a market place except that everyone was dressed up. i guess no more hanging out there for a while... maybe only during off peak hours. New hideout suggestions, anyone? 

Recession? Well, definitely not here.

Berry Berry Opera & The BBC. i love The BCC (brownie, banana, cheese), it’s a must-have dessert. Yum!

Ice cold Ginger Mule

Maybe my friend was right, everyone was out celebrating the arrest of Mas Selamat last night; hence, the crowd. Ha!


Jo said...

Must be very xian... :[

one little journey said...

i am stuck, no where to go!

Aaron said...

yes, me & my friend also distest the crowd places..Sometime, we just need a quiet place to enjoy our coffee & cheesecake.

Why cant we be more self aware in public places rite?

BTW, its this place at dempsey? House? the utensil looks familiar to me.

one little journey said...

yes, it's at Barracks Cafe, House :-)