Sunday, May 31, 2009


Totally unexpected!

Chosen Best Photo for the flickr group Pretty Pink Themed Tuesday – May 26th: Pretty Pink Shoes. 

All of the above shoes belong to my very active, 16-mth old niece. Everyday, she keeps herself busy by running and playing around the house the minute she’s awake. That afternoon, i took out all her shoes (since most of them are pink, they’re perfect for the Pink Shoes theme) and displayed neatly against the wall. Curious, and thinking that i was ‘playing’, she hovered around me, determined to be part of the fun. My mum and i tried to distract her by talking and making funny faces. She totally enjoyed the attention and the house was filled with her laughter. 

i was pleased that this shot turned out almost exactly, if not better, how i’ve pictured in my mind before the shoot and was even happier that we had so much fun together.

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Jo said...

WOW! 1/3217

CONGRATULATIONS to you & Jiuri! ;D

one little journey said...


Jon said...

adorable! now you owe her treat!

one little journey said...

oh that's easy, a slice of bread is more than enough to make her thrill :-)

Jo said...

there were 3217 entries.
K.O. You WIN! ;)

one little journey said...

i see what you mean... that was actually the total number of entries for every week, so the pretty pink shoes entries are just a small fraction of the total :-p