Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Polaroid craze continues...

These set of images had been moved to ‘trash’ a few days ago till i decided to polarize them. There was something missing in the before photos but i couldn’t explain what. However, after the polarization, i knew immediately that it’s the feeling of attachment for used books that was not being captured. 

Now, i love these nostalgic book photos :-)

These were some of my favourite reads and covers


Quarterly Eye subscription for as long as i can remember

Some past trails

Chinese novel vs Marcel Duchamp Respirateur

Hidden stacks at the back

Lots of post-its in Donna Hay

More post-its in Eye


Jo said...

Wish i have a whole shelf of Lonely Planets. Love its cover.

U do read a lot. ;)

one little journey said...

there used to have more Lonely Planets, so sad i didn't pack them along when i moved

Sin said...

0.o saw my Roald in the hidden stacks.

one little journey said...

good eye!