Tuesday, May 26, 2009

little feet

Waiting :: she can hardly stand still for a second

Scratching :: happily distracted by grandma

Peeping :: new shoes on the left to go with her new dresses

Wriggling :: toes

Gazing :: lost in her own world

Model: Pok Pok
Age: 16 months
Loves: food & ‘gai gai

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kellykylie said...

very very cute. the shoes, i mean. :p 9 days also cute la...! kekeke. but the shoes are really pweety!!! what's the occasion? why so many new shoes? she is a shoeaholic already??

one little journey said...

Her aunt is a shoeaholic, not her, hehe! There are two pairs i bought some time ago which are still too big for her. The white pair with ribbon is the latest addition. The other 3 pairs are for everyday :-)

Jo said...

I just bought 3 shoes, 1 sandal & 1 slipper for Joel a few weeks ago!

1 sandal and 1 shoe are big sizes.

We're both terrible. ;p

one little journey said...

usually i will 'suggest' my sis to buy, better not to burn my own pocket :-p

kellykylie said...

i realli like the white ribbon one! and the crocs too, cuz can "decorate"! so fun! :)