Tuesday, March 31, 2009

“go to england next week”

No, i am not going, it’s just a song looping on my itunes.





Saturday, March 28, 2009

crazy work week

Work space during crazy work week, hardly any ‘table’ left.

i wish i have time to:
– finish reading the book
– go through my letters/bills
– go shopping (i have been missing all the sale for members)
– read all the lovely blogs on my list
– go movies on a weekday
– sit at a cafe and watch the world
– meet friends for lunch
– chat on msn
– plan where to go for next holiday
– take more photos

Having said that, it’s still a happy crazy week.

still going strong

Today is already the 9th day and it’s still looking as fresh as day one.

Looking pretty day and night.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


The first time when i saw the image of The Scream by Edvard Munch was in the newspaper, i was probably about 12 years old then. Since then, each time when i need to vent my frustration or when i am stress, the image will re-surface.

Somehow i always see my reflection in it.

i don’t have the right to say that i am busy or stress these days because apparently it makes me seems ungrateful. A typical replied would be: Don’t complain, you should be glad that you still have work...

i am not even complaining :-(

Monday, March 23, 2009

something fishy

My friends from UK are visiting these two weeks and since one of them is a super fish fan, we decided to go to this very big tropical fish farm west of the island. i had a really great time although i know nothing about fish. See how lovely they are!

These baby koi are my favourite.

Crowding around because there’s food.

Fast swimmers.

Friday, March 20, 2009

what a mess

i really should clean up my desktop soon. 
New project coming!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

san pellegrino and flower

i bought this pretty little thing from the market this morning.

Such gorgeous petals and colour!

One stalk for my desk, the rest in the living room.

Looking perfect with the San Pellegrino bottle.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

it’s camo again!

i love Tsumori Chisato.
i love camo print.

There is no way i can resist this.

i’m skipping

Guess what this is.

It’s an adorable shibori pocket on a pair of lupin bermudas from alldressedup! 100% polyester, so light i feel like skipping wearing it.

la la la la la ~

crime scene

Everyday scenario of my room after the invasion of my niece.
Usually several times a day.

who are you thinking of these days?

Have you ever missed someone out of the blue?

When you are at bus stop x. When bus number x passes by. When you hear song x. When you go cinema x. When you wear blouse x. When you walk pass shop x. When you smell fragrance x. When you have noodle from x. When you hear things about place x.


When the wind blows. When the sky weeps. When you jog. When you wake up. Before you sleep.

i do.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

a small and lovely wedding

This was one of the loveliest wedding i’ve attended – beautiful ambience and setting, food was great, never ending flow of wine, merry guests... And the most memorable part of the evening has to be when the groom presented an illustration (done by himself) to the bride as a surprise gift. It’s a really touching moment.

All the best for the lovely couple.

We had a wonderful time too!

p.s. the groom is a comics fan (he had a batman logo engraved on his wedding band which was really cool). For the poster, he illustrated his bride into a superhero who had rescued him from his bachelor life :-)

Saturday, March 14, 2009


i feel like eating chocolate every time i look at my nails.

What? What did you say? It’s just an excuse?
Well, it also reminds me of the film Chocolat. Has anyone got the dvd?

Thursday, March 12, 2009


i bought my niece a pink swivel armchair yesterday and decided to do a pink entry. As i was taking the photos, i was really surprise by the number of pink stuffs that surround me everyday. It’s too sweet! Yucks!

So, please bear with me
(pun unintended)

Rose lippy & earring
Not sure when i’ll wear the earring, must be at least 4 years old by now.

Cube earrings
i have another pair in amber which were once my favourites.

Flower earring and loving couple ring
The LV flower was a birthday gift, the ring was from Tatty Devine with Sex and the city book in the background.

Agnes b pencils collection
i took out all the pink ones for this shot.

Seahorse earrings
from Tatty Devine amongst Paul Smith women, Burberry Brit Sheer and SJP Lovely perfume.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

popcorn and movies

Popcorn, a snack that I’ll buy only when watching movie, not sure why.

And every time, there will sure to have left over.

The three movies i’ve watched recently, starting from the latest:
1. Slumdog Millionaire (that’s today)
2. Departures
3. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Coincidentally, my preference is in reverse order. i certainly hope this trend will not continue.

the four-movement symphony

Finished reading this novel last night. The only chinese author that i am still reading since school days.

The preface:
They say being out of love has the same symptoms as having cancer illness. Everyone will go through four stages.
Stage 1: constantly weeping
Stage 2: furious, refuse to accept the fact of being ill
Stage 3: despair, give up all hopes
Stage 4: either pass away or get well

i guess most people who has been in and out of love experienced the above before. Let’s hope everyone will get back on their feet and become a better person.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

another lovely day

Today started off with a lovely package arriving at my doorstep.

Tatty Devine package.
This must be the loveliest online purchase packaging that i received so far. Inside the bubble-wrapped pink envelope, my purchase came together with a small-heart shaped lolly, shoe sticker and a jewellery care card. 
(Friday, April 17, 2009) i was clearing the pile of ‘junks’ on my desk today when i realised there’s a cute mini Tatty Devine button stuck inside the corner of the envelope, luckily i didn’t just throw the envelope away!

My Ashish brooch. Remember to salute me :-p
i quickly left the house soon after as i had a list of errands to run today.

Hair cut appointment.
i’ve always like the logotype of the salon. It looks like someone has casually written the name that ended up becoming their logo. Is there a term called ‘Incidental Design’?

Fixing my Daniel.
i ordered the strap and waited for about three months before it was here. Finally can bring my Daniel out again.

Coffee break.
Can’t wait for my first coffee of the day. Skinny mocha with lemon blueberry teacake. i was so hungry i finished the cake in a few minutes.

My butterflies.
This is what i called them when i was little, i used to flatten the leaves in my books and used them as bookmarks. i’ve been to this spinelli countless time but failed to notice their presence. How lovely!

My calendula.
Went to stock up my favourite toner and got these few samples.

Travel guides.
Picked up these brochures for my friends who are visiting this week. Next to Clancy boutique to shorten a pair of jeans. i wish i am taller.

Chose these purely for their nice packaging and colours. Hopefully they taste yummy too.

i might have another project coming up soon! Its a wonderful feeling whenever new clients rang me up and say someone gave them my contact... Over the years, i have quite a number of clients who were referred by someone that i’ve worked before. i really appreciate the gesture and would like to say a big THANK YOU.

Monday, March 9, 2009

do nothing

It’s one of those dreamy weather days where i just want to do nothing except to lie down, listen to music and:

watch the sky (even though its a little far from my bed)

stare at the wall and ceiling

try stretching my toes apart as far as possible

How nice if i can have some old fashion donuts to go with tea now... ok, i am going back to do nothing.


These cards were handmade for a school projects ages ago. As you can see, the paper has turned yellow, the die-cut was rough and the illustration was childlike. It was a very simple one piece die-cut concept but required much consideration and accuracy to work.

The cards were designed in mind to be sold in an astrology shop which i named Astroarts (the logo design was too ugly to be uploaded). The shop would sell all kinds of astrology related stuffs – cards, calenders, books etc.

Cards can be opened for display or closed to keep flat




i think these cards landed me my very first job as a graphic designer. The CD who interviewed me then was quite impressed with these. He specially asked his fellow colleagues (which later became mine too) to look at them during my interview. i got a call from them the next day.

lunch delivery

It is still raining very heavily, so i rang for pizza delivery service. Turns out – greasy and hard. How i wish there are hot soupy ramen delivery service around here.