Wednesday, February 24, 2010

24 nights

i’m still watching 24 every night despite having four on-going projects currently. And i try to go for yoga practise at least three times a week in the morning, imagine how little time i spend on sleeping. Usually i dropped dead on my bed around 3 am right after i finished a disc (four episodes each disc, about 3.5 hours), but the show is so good it’s worth sacrificing some sleep :-)

Need to stock up on camomile tea soon, only left with three tea bags!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

awesome as always

Lots of photos from Stef’s concert at RWS last week!

i was going to take just a few photos that night since i’ve been twice before (here and here), BUT it was just not possible when sitting at the front row! (A big thank you, Mr vdr :-D) This time round, even though it was at a much smaller concert hall (compared to Indoors Stadium), and without fancy backdrop and props, Stef was awesome as always!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

on chinese new year

Each year, we started out early before reunion dinner to visit my grandma at the cemetery with lots of flowers. The wind was exceptionally strong that day, check out the upturned umbrella.

i can jump, so can you! My sis laughed that i was training for the olympics.

Charcoal steamboat dinner, complete with white wine. Cheers!

My niece was dressed like a angbao (red packet) on the first day of New Year. i was the culprit who picked out the dress for her. Hehe!

Family photos taken during cny in 2008, 09 and 10. My niece has grown so much in just two years!

Happy New Year :-)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

happy clouds

i looked out the window this morning and saw a sky full of scattered fluffy cotton wool,
looking as though they were dancing. It’s going to be a great day :-)

Enjoy the long weekend and Happy Tiger Year!

thinking in circles

Are you back?
Are you back?
Are you back?

the same question keeps circling in my mind
these few days
all the time

tiny clothes

Tiny clothes are so adorable! These are gifts for my friend’s new born.
i bought size 6-mth and 12-mth though she’s not even 1 mth old!
But since baby grows really fast, so i thought the bigger the better :-)

Monday, February 8, 2010

dots obsession

i was never into Aboriginal Art till these paintings caught my eyes at an exhibition yesterday. And i suspect the reason why i was attracted was because of the ‘dots’, my obsession with dots*. Most of the images above were just part of the full painting, imagine the number of dots painted, the amount of effort and patience that was put into each piece. These dots reminded me of Pointillism, except that they were painted in a more uniform way with spaces in between.

Bulgul the Healing Place Exhibition
Hilton Gallery
A first public exhibition of paintings by the women of Bulgul, a remote outstation 200km southwest of Darwin, Australia

* i remember this obsession started during my first year in art school. There were a couple of projects where we had to paint/illustrate using different types of medium – oils, markers, colour pencils, acrylics etc. i was never good at drawing and painting so when i came across the technique of Pointillism in a book, i got excited. i thought since i can’t draw, at least i can dots. i applied it onto an Impressionism painting titled The Four Poplars by Claude Monet – a painting with impressive application of colours. i didn’t know much about Monet then. Of course, when i finally got to see Monet’s actual painting years later at the National Gallery, i fell in love immediately. During my two years in London, whenever i visited the gallery, i never fail to drop by the Impressionism room to look at his paintings. Unknowingly, i would gazed, piece of piece and very often lost track of time. The piece that amazed me the most was his painting of a particular bridge on a gray day (i think it should be either Charing Cross or Waterloo Bridge). The bridge, amidst the fog, was hardly visible, and yet, his colour palette was as impressive as painting water lilies. Monet has remain as one of my favourite artists all these years. But hey, who on earth wouldn’t love Monet?

tiger stripes, the blackjack style

Blackjack CNY window, 2010.

That’s all for CNY projects this year :-)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

“crack me up”

Betula CNY Window, 2010
A friend of mine once described: “The tigers... they crack me up” (in his
actual words). Not sure if it was meant to be a positive comment but i took
it as a compliment anyway.

If you think the tigers look familiar, you might have seen them here before.

the faces of cny

In the mood for Chinese New Year yet?

Club21 CNY window, 2010. (Couplets design only)
Making use of the existing lantern colours (flatten side view) to fill the inside of the chinese characters to go with the overall look.

i couldn’t help but upload the last polaroid. It’s too funny! (Note: No lanterns were placed as ‘heads’ for any of the mannequins. It was just an act of mischief on my side :-p)