Wednesday, May 6, 2009

snacks from the land of morning calm

My family went Korea for holiday and returned with these snacks.

nom nom nom nom nom

Favourite shot of the day :-)

Crispy rice crackers with nuts & sesame seeds ♥♥♥

White chocolate crunch from everland

Chocolate langue de chat ♥♥♥

Kimchi Seaweed ♥


Jo said...


btw, u know that seaweed are actually Made-In-China? ;p

The III are rating??? The white choco crunch not good?

one little journey said...

Almost everything is made in china nowadays!!! the seaweed is nice but too salty.

and yes, the ♥s are rating. i dun fancy the choc crunch, but the biscuits and rice crackers are yummy!