Thursday, April 30, 2009

little womb bags

Not only do i love the asymmetrical style clothing from Womb, i also love these simple, easy-to-sew, no-hassle bags for shoppers. These bags replaced the usual paper carriers that most merchants are using now. i folded them into a tiny size and threw in my bag to use as recycled bag when going out.

These bags come in various colour, fabric and sizes.


“For Duchamp, one is unique, two is a pair, three approaches many. To make three of a thing was to mass-produce it – as important a decision as that of isolating one example of a mass produced object to call it art.” – Richard Hamilton, The Almost Complete works of Marcel Duchamp

At Home Abroad and This is Not a Print!, now on at 8Q sam

Ice cold latte


Notes made from the exhibition

Outdoor best friend

Focaccia with chicken, avocado and cheese sandwich. Yum!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

black and white contour

i checked out Iluma, the new entertainment centre, while at Bugis area today. When i reached the building, the topographic look-a-like design ceiling immediately caught my attention. i think it has one of the most interesting ceiling on the island.

Remember to look up the next time you’re there!
Designed by WOHA architects.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

choxi+ and dancing flowers

These mini dark chocolate bars were from my sis. i haven’t seen this brand before, quite like the simple repeated icons on the packaging. The weather is too hot for chocolate, thus, i’ve put it back into the fridge after the shoot. Hopefully it will taste as good as it looks.

Does anyone know the name of these flowers?

i gave in to Nimegen

i finally gave in to oral medication. To a lot of people, i am making a mountain out of a molehill because my condition is considered mild. BUT i’ve been struggling for more than a year and i just couldn’t tolerate anymore. i don’t want anything extra on my face!

The duration of treatment is usually 16 weeks. i’m going to try for a month, 2 tablets a day and see if my condition improves before continuing.

These pills reminded me of Damien Hirst’s pharmacy series. i used to have the ‘dots’ poster on my wall, just like the one in the postcard :-)

Friday, April 24, 2009

white on white

The cutlery series.



i spent quite a while arranging and re-arranging the cutlery to photograph them. But it was just not to my expectation. The weather was killing me, i was perspiring and decided to make do with what i’ve got. i stacked everything and tried to return to the kitchen at one go (my lazy nature). Stood up, looked down at the big stack in my hand and liked what i saw – unintentional, natural and casual. So i placed it back and took another shot. And in just one minute, i got the shot i like.

Have a good weekend everyone :-)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

the traditional way

This traditional way of packing hot drinks is darn cute!

Teh c & kopi ‘dabao’ (tea & coffee takeaway)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

coffee to go

i don’t understand why Spinelli uses full colour printing for cups and extra paper wrappers when they are meant to be disposed once the beverage is consumed.
And why did Spinelli compromise to have both their logos and taglines ‘cropped’ at the folding line? Do they really think that having two logos will make their brand more prominent and superior, thus their coffee more sellable?

i hate to admit that i am one of those who is guilty of contributing to environmental waste for purchasing takeaway coffee in a paper cup. Before i can quit having coffee on the go totally (or bring my own mug), i try to make up in other ways – always design with careful consideration to reduce material wastage to the lowest, use my own reusable bag instead of plastic bag... and i am going to get a set of cutlery to replace disposable ones when dining out.

Monday, April 20, 2009

the hierarchy wants

My latest stationery addition – a palm size 500GB external hard disk. On the packaging, it claims to be the world’s smallest 2.5" hard drive. It is slightly shorter and wider than iphone and i had it personalised with ‘The Hierarchy Wants’ sticker from Zouk. 

My favourite from the pile of free stickers collection has to be ‘The Orb From A Distance’ from Lad Musician. The laughing cross-eyed with wide-opened mouth Doraemon totally cracked me up.

Friday, April 17, 2009

new toy

:-) :-) :-)

The funny guys at the camera shop joked that people (me) who shopped at this hour (week day afternoon) are rich because they don’t have to work. And so he brought out a Leica leather pouch (to go with the Lumix LX3 that i was going to buy) and the Leica version of the Lumix. i was sure my eyes were twinkling when i saw both, they were so cool!  

“No impulsive buy!”, i said out loud to remind myself twice and the guys laughed. It’s so difficult to resist nice things!

Having said these, i still like my new Lumix though i can’t stop thinking about the brown Leica leather pouch. Should i?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

spot the difference

Currently spotting this new look after few weeks of late nights and stressful deadlines. 

before | after

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

wood wood

‘Mixed Forest’, installation by Silke Schatz at Come-in: Interior Design as a Contemporary Art Medium in Germany Exhibition.

From far, i recognised them as strings of wood, nothing too interesting.

Nearer, the lines, texture, shape and colour caught my attention.

Suddenly i realised the background is a sheet of fake shadow print!

Then, my gaze returned to the pattern on the wood pieces again.

Couldn’t tear myself away, i just had to scrutinised each and every piece.

Mixed Forest, 2000
False acacia, decorative cherry, cherry, yew, corkscrew willow, oak, plum, pear, beech, pine, elderberry, birch, string, round beech rod, wooden beads in various colours.

Schatz uses her personal ties to localities as an entry point into this installation dealing with the correlation between memory and environment. The wooden curtain recalls the various types of trees surrounding her home.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

christian lacroix: the costumier

i’m so in love with all his figure illustrations! They’re so animated, full of expression, colourful and amusing!

i can’t help but to look at all the faces up close.

They’re so entertaining to look at.

So glad i finally made it to the museum today. i’ve been wanting to see this exhibition since March but was tied down with work. There are actual costume pieces on exhibit too, but i much prefer these illustrations :-)

The next exhibition i’m looking forward to is Verner Panton: The Collected Works, in May.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

shoes of the day

Love at first sight fringe sandals

Bright summery wedge pump

i brought them home today, thus, my feet is happy :-)

Friday, April 10, 2009

na na na na naa

Awesome concert by Kaiser Chiefs!

i predict a riot

The angry mob

Everyday i love you less and less

Ricky Wilson was such an energetic character on stage – he swung and flung the wired mic, then caught it on time to sing on the beat (yes, he Never Miss A Beat); jumping and running all round stage; cheers and drank beer; climbed the scaffolding; trophying mic stand; battering the tambourine; thumbing the percussion... there was never a dull second, it was so much fun jumping and nodding and singing along with him. 

The concert was held on a Tuesday night and i had to stay up late to finish some work after that. i was darned tired the next day but was totally worth it!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

old-fashioned charm

Most of these nostalgic packaging was collected during my college days in London. i was never the traditional kind of gal, but being away from home alone in a foreign place tends to make one sentimental. i couldn’t bear to throw these packaging away then, having them in my room made me feel nearer from home. Shortly after, i discovered a new charm in these old-fashioned packaging and they soon became part of my packaging collection.

Most of the collection here was from London Chinatown.

i don’t fancy almond cookies, bought it purely for its wrap-a-round packaging. As for the pink netting, i can’t remember its content at all. 
Any idea, Chrystal? i remember you kept one of these too :-)

Whatever its content, it costed 98p.

This little bag for rice is simply adorable.

It came with a little recipe suggestion for perfect cooking.

This is probably the latest item here, but it looks quite nostalgic to me.

The only time i drank these was in London. Now, i am back to my Spinelli and Starbucks coffee again.

Nothing fancy... just simple and direct advertisement on the packs.

Light-hearted, playful types.

The good old days remedies.

Jo recommended me to buy this Nixoderm cream. It reminded me of my nostalgic packaging collection immediately when i saw it in the store, and thus this entry :-) As for the Mentholatum cream, i brought it with me to almost everywhere. i called it my “小护士” (little nurse).