Wednesday, May 2, 2012

the rest of april

This is one of the many reasons why i can’t make up my mind to switch working fulltime

Mini easter (chocolate) eggs

Cupcakes that looked too pretty to be eaten

Gorgeous light on a sunday morning

Hood walks

Nostalgic windmill flooring

Out on a rainy evening

Say hello to above

Sleeping kitty outside The Coastal Settlement

Easter afternoon tea set

Love the shadow on this

Light or dark lager for you?

Pretty glassware

Skinny latte and truffle fries

My ‘usual’ order from Beppu, sashimi and edamame are for sharing

Nomming at home

Side-by-side at Changi jetty

Finally, ending this long post with another gorgeous picture of tree and sky


One of the loveliest colours on earth.

window view

Same window. Same skyline. Very different feel. All in the month of April.