Monday, August 24, 2009

more eats and reads

Scones at Royal Copenhagen followed by books at Kinokuniya.

i will be travelling by books before my next real trip.

floating lunch

i’m floating on Orchard Road.

Sushi Teh, Paragon. Sit at the rear of the restaurant for a full glass facade view of Orchard Road.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

three months

One day... three days... a week... a month... three months... 
Very soon we will become strangers.

three months.
i have heard nothing. 
from you.
i can’t see what lies ahead of us.
and is afraid to imagine what will become of us.

please let there be light in the morning.
even if its a little.
to warm my heart again.

even if its a little.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

rockstar shopping

i love this new store, Rockstar, at Cineleisure L3. It’s a pity that some of my photos turned out blurry... 
Well, i am shifting the blame to: 
1. tiredness–worked till almost 4am the night before
2. wobbly hands–lugging a heavy bag from my book shopping earlier on 

i was also a little over-whelmed by the wide varieties of interesting merchandise (and in-store display) and couldn’t decide what to get. This is quite rare since i am usually a very decisive shopper. i didn’t want to do any impulsive buy (since my mind was half-floating the whole time due to lack of sleep) and ended up with just a blouse and a pair of shorts. But i am definitely going back for more, especially the sneakers!

Go check it out!

book shopping

Five new books and two magazines to read! Yeay!

Can’t wait to read Lucky Child by Loung Ung. i bought her first book–First They Killed My Father–when in Phnom Penh from a child vendor. She came in with a basket of books when i was having dinner in a restaurant. A tourist at the next table checked through the pages for me because he bought a copy from her before and there were missing pages. The copy was complete so i got one. i didn’t read the book immediately as i was feeling quite down throughout my time in Cambodia. Few months later, when i finally pick up the book again, i couldn’t control my tears and cried through the reads.


i’ve always feel that this new kid in town looks like a giant ink blob. Hence, i shall name it Bob in future. 
“Let’s shop Bob.”
“Let’s go Bob for lunch.” 
“Let’s meet at Bob.”
–Sounds really coooool!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

on my own

It’s no fun going to a deserted place alone to take pictures.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

weekend blues

Taken at The Mussels Guys restaurant. 
No, i didn’t spot any hunk with muscle, but their set meal was value for money. 
And i like the tin container for empty shells.
The coffeeshop that i frequent the most on weekends. 
Love their traditional toast and tea.

two ens and one chocolate

Friday • Eat • Drink • Man • Women • Boy

En Dining, Mohammed Sultan Road

Laurent Cafe & Chocolate Bar, Robertson Quay

Saturday, August 15, 2009

a typical work/sleep day

My working and sleeping cycle has gone haywire these few months. 

A typical work-from-home day would be:
1130 hrs : (plus and minus) wake up “naturally” (no alarm clock) / shower
1200 hrs : lunch–half a bowl of porridge, vegetable and one other dish followed by coffee
1230 hrs : check emails, blogs, facebook, flickr, twitter
1330 hrs : start to work (depending on the urgency, will start earlier if need to)
1615 hrs : break
1645 hrs : resume work
1800 hrs : dinner–quarter bowl of rice, vegetable, soup and one other dish 
1900 hrs : resume work
2100 hrs : tv time (only if there is a drama series that interest me)
2145 hrs : shower
2200 hrs : resume work
2400 hrs : catching up on online stuffs / tv time
0100 hrs : read
0300 hrs : (plus and minus) sleep, depending what time my eyes decide to rest

And when there is no work, i will replaced those hours with daydreaming.
How bad is that?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

swan lake

Not the ballet.

These swans have unbelievable white feathers that glitter under the light. Oh so beautiful!

It was raining a lot yesterday. When the first ray of light finally shone through the thick clouds in the late afternoon, i dashed out of the house for some urgent work shoot. Now my arms and legs are aching because of the intensive walk and shoot. Ouch!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

happy 44th!

i’m really bad with numbers and i can never remember how old (or young) this island is until i read an email this morning – lots of shops and restaurants celebrating National Day with 44% discount. According to an article in the newspaper, 44 is an auspicious number as it means everything will be smooth sailing (事事顺利). i am looking forward to a good year end already!

Majula Singporela! 
A friend left this message on his msn and i think the name sounds cute. Like a fairyland.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

not guilty

Love reading in bed till wee hours and NOT feeling guilty.

Currently re-reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. 

Well, i know there are millions and millions of good books to read and it’s a waste of time to read the same book again. But many times, i just couldn’t help it. i read this book long time ago and can only remember bits and pieces of it when i watched the movie few months back.  i borrowed this special illustrated collector’s edition from my sister and is now missing Rome and Vatican City after looking at the images. i wanna visit again soon!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

insane mess

i have no idea how my work desk got into this state of never-ending-entangle-cable mess and soon-to-topple piles and piles of not-sure-what. Did a quick count of the number/kind of cables on my desk: ipod, wacom tablet, mouse, camera, external hard disk, printer, speakers and laptop charger. 


caught in action

J caught me ‘red-handed’ while in KL.

Photos on the left were from J’s camera, on the right, mine’s.