Thursday, July 30, 2009


Lots of people asked before what would i choose to do besides designing. And my answer was often nothing. There is nothing else that i am capable of doing and nothing else interest me so far. Today, while researching at Kinokuniya (my usual hangout), the thought of working there suddenly came to my mind. So, if one day, when i run out of design opportunity, i hope to find work in Kinokuniya. 

Please employ me!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

KL: structure

Last batch of KL photos.

The old flats.

The first morning. View from the hotel window.

Swiss Garden Hotel.

Unknown tall building that glittered under the sunlight. Lovely.

The famous Central Market.

A small temple in Chinatown.

Petronas Twin Towers. Looking really impressive at night with the brightly lit lights.

KL Railway Station.

The majestic KTM Headquarters opposite the railway station.

Huge lion at Sunway Pyramid entrance.

KL: pattern

Walking in Central Market.

KL Railway Station.

Ground of National Mosque.

KL: message

Waiting for bus at a taxi stand.

Stalls at Central Market.

Roadside kiosk.

The Heritage Station Hotel.

KL Railway Station.

National Mosque.

LRT & bus tickets.

Washroom in Sunway Pyramid.

What not to do. LRT Station.

Taxi ride to airport.


Bye bye KL!

KL: living

Balloons love.

The Pavilion.

Waiting for bus outside the hotel.

Central Market.

Between The Lines exhibition at Gallery Annexe.

Temple in Chinatown.


Amcorp Mall flea market.

Sunway Pyramid skating ring.

Sky of Sunway Lagoon.

Pasar Seni.

Petaling Street, Chinatown.