Wednesday, January 26, 2011

in preparation

i’ve been busy working on some new pieces these few weeks and can’t wait to share them at a bazaar that i’m joining this coming Chinese New Year. It’s going to be held at the Singapore Art Museum @ 8Q. Admission is free as it’s the annual open house. Do come down and say hi :-)

Rabbit’s Foot Bazaar
4 Feb 2011
10am – 10pm

In the mean while, check out some of the newly listed items in one little journey shop :-)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

busy corner

A work desk full of stuffs... and this is just a tiny corner of it :-)

Friday, January 21, 2011

ahem! yes i ate all these

i was asked before if i really eat the food in one little journey breaks... Well, yes i do. What you see is what i ate. Don’t believe? Check out the ‘after’ breaks picture in this set of 10 postcards :-)

It’s a miracle that i’m not overweight :-)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

love, in pairs

cloud & stripes
The cloud pendant, following the stripes blouse everywhere.

blackie & daydream
Little blackie, the perfect companion to go daydreaming with.

best friends & milk tea
Milk tea, best enjoyed when with the best friend*.

*the best friends/couples, set of 2 personalised notebooks is available here :-)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

rain & floor tiles

This was taken yesterday when i was stuck in the rain while out running a quick errand.
i like the colour of this new film in hipstamatic app.

Two of my frequent places with the same floor tiles. i’ve been both places many times and
only realised now while browsing through the photographs. Both looked so retro, which
colour combination do you like?

Monday, January 17, 2011


My new lot of 3 p.m. breaks arrived! All fifteen of them.
Available here :-)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

are you a teh, kopi or egg lover?

Local tea & coffee breaks – set of 5 postcards

i love eggs – set of 5 postcards

Wondering what’s ‘teh’ and ‘kopi’? Find out from these sets of postcards here.
Also, i’ve created a page on facebook to update work-in-process and new items in the shop,
come join me on my little journey :-)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

(oh!) i visited marine parade last night

Five awesome flats that were filled with arts in Marine Parade heartlands. How cool is that?

Posters for OH! Art Walkabout at HDB void deck.

Flat No. 1:
A true retro art space of its own. This flat is filled with nostalgic atmosphere. Instead of looking at the art pieces, i realised i was more curious with the things in the house. And this is the only picture i took in this flat.

Flat No. 2:
The artist literally turned the flat upside down... luckily in a rather interesting way :-)

i love this set of posters – love the natural tones of black, the lightness of the strokes and the flowing of the ink.

House owners were asked to write their own eulogies which were turned into art pieces.

A unique basin in the house, not one of the ‘arts’ though.

Thanks to this curtain, now you can peep at the neighbours without them knowing.

Open space outside flat no. 3, and this has got to be the most fun of all exhibits.
Compare the first two sets of images, can you spot the difference? There were certain marked spots on the ground, and when you stand on them, you get to see the ‘perfect’ angle of the individual pieces. In the last image, don’t you think my friend looked ‘cut-out’ too? How bizarre! lol

Flat No. 3:

These little lamps are gorgeous!


A rather sad looking painting of abandoned chairs in the rain.

Flat No. 4:
Some pieces by Messy Msxi which i’ve seen at her previous exhibition. i think it’s a pity that the titles were gone, they were perfect for the illustrations and brought out the gist of the idea behind it.

Flat No. 5:

The living room was covered by a large piece of canvas with small little holes. Peep through them to see the living space (and performing arts) from different angles.

It felt so different (in a good way) looking at art pieces in flats, especially when they’re the actual homes of others. In fact the flats were equally interesting as the art pieces. i think the only drawback from the whole art walkabout was the walking distance. i wish the flats were nearer to one another. It was quite a long walk and especially after the last flat, we need to make our way back to the starting point at the community centre where the car was parked. Luckily the weather had been quite cool last night.

Overall, it was a great experience at Marine Parade and i’m already looking forward to the next art walkabout... i hope they will come to Tiong Bahru :-)

8, 9, 15, 16 Jan 2011
4 – 8pm
Marine Parade CC Plaza

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Introducing some really delicious food to kick off the first post of 2011 :-)

Nikumiso Tofu Salad

Ebi & Avocado Wasabi Mayo

Tao Aka Tamago. Omg this is so good – springy noodles, melt in your mouth pork belly with spicy miso soup. The flavoured hard boiled, soft centred egg is also good though not the best that i’ve eaten.

Last but not least, home cooked macaroni :-)

Last night, i had dinner with two friends at Ipuddo Tao (the first three pictures) and fell in love with its ramen. It is the BEST RAMEN i’ve ever had in Singapore. Feel like having it again NOW!