Thursday, November 25, 2010

missing covers

A personal project that i’m currently working on. Quite a bit of hands-on work required... almost made me feel like a student. Will talk about it more when it’s completed.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

the last of perth

Steps at Perth Cultural Centre, near The Art Gallery of Western Australia.

Point Walter. As it was low tide, the 1km curvy sandbar was pretty visible in some of the

The very useful tripod that took all our group photos, we named it Alien.

Pretty trees outside Centro Galleria.

Checking out Harbour Town.

Animal specimens at Western Australian Museum.
First photo: skeleton of elephant / Last photo: gorilla and human

Specimens of butterflies. There were hundreds (or even thousands) of them.

Museum cafe break.

London Court.

Buying drinks at Carousel Shopping Centre.

City centre, along Murray Street and Hay Street.

The city was getting ready for Christmas.

Pretty candies and cupcakes.

These are the last batch of photos from Perth. Now, i can give my full attention to a personal
project that i’m currently working on.

Perth, Australia
30 Oct – 7 Nov 2010

Thursday, November 18, 2010

too much to see, too little time

It’s Fremantle Day!

The weather was fabulous, it was really nice to just laze around. These ‘resting’ pictures
were taken after our jump.

This was near the harbour. Beautiful sunlight with cool breeze, love it!

In search for food.

We settled for lunch at Little Creatures – a brewery and restaurant set inside a massive
converted boat shed. That’s the pretty waitress who took our orders.

With such fabulous weather and view, there was no reason not to dine alfresco.

These were the exact same food pics i used for the lunch collage. But the spread was so
yummy i had to show them again :-)

Empty shells from my plate. We love love love the chilli mussels, and the gravy went so well
with freshly toasted bread! Yum!

Our last stop was Fremantle Markets. It wasn’t huge like Camden Market or Spitalfields/
Old Truman Brewery in London but there was still a lot to see. i felt somewhat rushed as
we were running out of time.

The only shopping i did was: a toy for my niece, macadamia nuts for dad (from a famous
stall recommended by my friend) and a few decorative placemats for my breaks.

It’s a pity we had to leave... too soon. No time for the Arts Centre and Public Artworks in
Times Square, the E-Shed Markets and other small shops around the area.

Fremantle (Southwest of Perth), Australia
5 Nov 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

it’s crystal clear!

Above are few more photos from the dolphin watch. After returning to land, we went straight
to the cafe for some hot drinks and snacks to warm our body before heading to the beach
where we’ve been eyeing on our way to the boat since morning.

The water was cold and unbelievably clear, making the duck* looked as though it’s floating
in air. *Correction: they are seagulls, not ducks. i saw my friend’s photo description on fb
and realised i’ve mistaken the seagulls as ducks lol!

i wish we had proper attire to walk across the sandbar that leads to Penguin Island. We saw
a few groups of people on their way and it looked really fun. Hopefully there will be a chance
to do it next time.

After like hundreds of photos, we got off the beach for some lunch and souvenir shopping.

And finally at around 2-ish, it was time to leave. We were the only passengers taking the
Wild Encounters transport back to the city. Hence, everyone got too relax and fell asleep

Rockingham (South of Perth), Australia
31 Oct 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

from door-to-door

The visit to Swan Valley reminds me a little of the Marlborough region in New Zealand
which i love a lot – vineyards, wineries, good food, roadside fresh local produce, cafes,
fabulous sceneries...

Across the Visitors Information Centre was a park where there were rows of huge trees
with camouflage looking patterns on its unusual smooth tree bark... it was beautiful.
We ended up spending a bit of time walking around the park and took many photos even
before the actual start of our Swan Valley tour!

Skinny waists, envy!

Shopping at Margaret River Chocolate Co., the last pic was my shopping basket :-)

Beautiful sceneries and trees along the way.

A couple on their way to attend a wedding at one of the wineries.

The sparkling honey water that ALL of us loved.

A cat yearning for attention at Jabiru Art Gallery & Cafe. Not allowed to enter, she waited
at the door while we ordered beverages at the counter.

Bought my favourite apricot soft nougats here!

i think we visited at least ten galleries & shops in total. It’s a shame that many does not
allowed photography.

Swan Valley, Perth, Australia
30 Oct 2010