Thursday, May 28, 2009

double fifth

Today is the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar. i can only reminisce the taste of homemade rice dumplings during this Dragon Boat Festival because mum is too busy to make any this year.

My keyboard dumpling meal from last year.

Who cares about Dragon Boat? We should change the name to Rice Dumpling Festival. i am only interested in the rice dumplings!! Having said that, there is a beautiful traditional story and origin for this festival, find out here.


Jo said...

what's the red bits on the dumpling? My 1st thought is cranberry! keke... ;p

one little journey said...

RED BEANS! imagine 'ba zhang' with cranberries... hahaha!

Jo said...

Wow! Must be your mom's special recipe. No wonder your colleagues smell also drool. I've never seen 'bak zhang' with red beans. Look good! ;)