Saturday, May 15, 2010

uk moving porcupine

Theme: Building on the Past, Shaping Our Future
The UK pavilion looked like a porcupine from afar. The 6000 acrylic rods that formed the cube swayed in the wind, looking as though the porcupine was moving.

This cube-like structure was one of the most popular pavilions, the queues were unbelievable long during the day. We went back in the evening and queued less than 15 mins, not bad at all.

Glowing in the dark (not quite... the sky was unusually bright that night, and was covered in a strange colour).

Entrance to the stomach of the porcupine... or rather the Seed Cathedral.

Inside the hollow cube-like structure, each acrylic rod was embedded with different seeds.

Seed Cathedral in chinese.

Rating: Must see!
Shanghai Expo 2010.


Melanie's Randomness said...

That is unbelievably cool!!!! WOA!!!

one little journey said...

the world expo was pretty cool, glad that i went