Sunday, May 16, 2010

football brazil

Theme: Pulsing Cities: Feel the Life of Brazilian Cities
i don’t remember much about this pavilion except that it was related to football and upbeat music.

Lovely grass-like texture. Awful screen. The combination looked like the facade of an electronic shopping mall.

Ceiling filled up with footballs.

Surrounded by a huge four-sided screen with videos of happy brazilians having fun, cheering, working etc.

The tube lights reminded me of glowing worms.

Rating: Check it out (if you’re a football fan)
Shanghai Expo 2010.


Jo said...

My sis' family decided on going to the Expo for half a day today (before their flight home). i think it has got to do with your lovely pictures! keke...

p.s. it's drizzling now though

one little journey said...

i was just telling B that day that i felt quite lazy to take picture during the trip. Luckily i can still steal some good ones from her!