Tuesday, May 18, 2010

colourful lights of canada

Theme: The Living City: Inclusive, Sustainable, Creative

By the time we got to the Canada Pavilion, it was already nightfall, didn’t have the chance to see what it looked like during the day. And this was the only picture i took.

These blocks when used as a screen, together with sound, produced amazing 3D effect.

A virtual waterfall that changes its pictures when touched. It thought it was quite magical.

Video on curved screen at the auditorium. i remembered that i really like the music a lot... if only there were soundtracks on sale. It was a perfect marriage of beautiful images and music.

Pane Mundial by Alain Paiement. A direct translation from the chinese title 破碎世界 would be Broken World. Despite its depressing title, i thought it was a happy scenario at the bakery with people baking, selling and delivering.

Rating: Must See!
Shanghai Expo 2010.

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