Thursday, May 13, 2010

luxembourg is small is beautiful

Theme: Small is beautiful
“I was inspired by similarities in our own local housing and history as well as the Chinese way of living and traditions. The pavilion may represent a large family house, a castle, a Chinese temple... Human imagination knows no limits.”
– Architect François Valentiny (more info here)

The meaning of the word Luxembourg in Chinese means woods/forest and castle. This was taken up and translated into the architecture – an open castle in green surroundings.

But i prefer to call it the big rusty castle instead.

No idea who or why this sculpture was doing there.

Entered straight into a green environment of love and nature.

A half-spherical screen with rotating information of Luxembourg.

More messages on recycling and green environment.

Intensively planted outdoor area, emphasizing Luxembourg as “the green heart of Europe”.

View from the top. There wasn’t that many people queuing, don’t believe everything on the news.

An architect’s work is closely related to his personality. The desire to improve human existence, related to the experience of life, enables him or her to identify appropriate answers to the socio-cultural challenges that our society is facing. The design of the Luxembourg pavilion reflects my state of mind on these topics.”
– Architect François Valentiny (more info here)

Personally, i like the unique exterior. However, the interior presentation and information were not that interesting for me.
Rating: Check it out (if there is no queue)
Shanghai Expo 2010.

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