Friday, May 14, 2010

spain’s wicker basket and her giant baby

Theme: From the City of Our Parents to the City of Our Children
A total of three exhibit halls with films created by Spanish film makers from three decades.

i can’t capture the full pavilion, it’s one big odd shape, very eye-catching even from far.

Love the texture and patterns of the basket, took many pictures on the way in.

The first exhibit hall was very very dark. It almost felt like walking through a tunnel. The only light was from the screening film on both sides of the long wall. At one part, it was total darkness, almost impossible to proceed (but since the film was interesting, i don’t mind staying to watch till the end).

Love the texture on the wall too, it created depth and a different effect to the film.

End of tunnel.

The second exhibit hall had several long horizontal and vertical screens. It can be quite busy at times trying to view them simultaneously. But i have no complains, it was definitely interesting as compared to convention screening. We were free to walk and view from any angle we want as in the first exhibit hall.

Images of babies were projected onto the entrance of the third exhibit hall.

Once entered, we saw a giant baby! His head moved from side to side with blinking eyes. Super duper cute!

One last photo of the wicker baskets with pretty soap bubbles.

Rating: Must see!
Shanghai Expo 2010.

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