Thursday, May 20, 2010

translucent ireland

Theme: Urban Space and the Evolution of Urban Life Style

The only image of the pavilion that i had taken from a distant and yet it turned out blur. Ha!

i like this pavilion, its spacious, green and translucent design gave a sense of freedom. Also, the sleek, clean and modern structure reminded me of architectures that were often featured in Wallpaper magazines.

Projection videos on the floor – walking through the river – passing by little fishes – floating on the ocean.

Homes of the locals.

Images of Irish cityscape and events displayed on the wall of a long corridor.

Videos on an angled screen.

Rating: Check it out
Shanghai Expo 2010.


Patrick said...

In my experience of antique Irish homes, there would be a fire at one end of the house, heating the main room, a bedroom at the other end of the house, and one more bedroom above the main bedroom, accessible - as implied - by a ladder.

I never saw a bed in the main room of the house.

Also, the butter churns in Connemara were more the barrel, than the plunger ones.

Patrick said...

Oh, and I never saw a fiddle, nor a bodhran, over the fire.

And, for those who wonder, the colloquial phrase for "toilet" was "Teach an Asal", translating to "The Donkey's House" - i.e., stable. I can still remember old guys at the Boluisce in Spiddal standing up from the bar and announcing "Ta'm ag dul g'an asal" - "Ta' me' ag dul go d'ti' teach an asal".

Sorry if my Irish makes no sense,