Friday, May 14, 2010

finland in a bowl

Theme: Well-being, Competence and Environment
My friends and i remembered this pavilion as THE BOWL.

On closer look, the big bowl was surrounded by water. A big rock at the entrance reads Finland in different languages. (my guess only, out of the three words, i can only understand two)

Love the white, blue and open spaces. It gave a feeling of coolness and freedom.

The curve and wave sculpting on wall and ceiling, plus the floating figures and bubbles on screen felt surreal.

Beautiful texture design.

i stepped in front of the camera unknowingly and got a super ugly picture taken – looked like i was in a daze. No way i’m posting :-p

Then i saw Marimekko mugs and plates! i’ve been eyeing on them online for a long time.

So thrilled to find them in the shop! Bought two mugs and a plate. It’s the only shopping i did at the expo :-)

Rating: Yes! Check it out
Shanghai Expo 2010

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Jo said...

i should go there the next time and buy a few home! ;)