Thursday, June 11, 2009

what to do

i used to be an impulsive dolls collector many years ago. When i moved out of my friend’s place, i didn’t bring them with me because of storage problem. And i totally forgotten about it till two days ago when he asked what i intend to do with them. So yesterday, i got them back. 

Now, i’m living with boxes.

These boxes now filled up the remaining wall area next to my book shelves. It’s depressing looking at the state of my bedroom. i’ve always tried to keep my room as minimal as possible, but now... arrrggghhh, i don’t know what to do. 

These are the reproduction Barbie MIB. i’ve sealed them with additional plastic bag so even after so many years, they are still in good condition.

Wedding Day Barbie – 1961 Reproduction, from one of my nostalgic collections.

This lot is the more common ones – characters, occupations and world series. In the beginning, i bought any doll that i think its nice without much thoughts. It was only after some time that i decided to concentrate on just vintage and reproduction series.

Besides Barbie... and friends, i also have a few Sindy, Jenny and Blythe. i don’t know what to do with them now. Help me!


kellykylie said...

omg that vintage barbie is so beautiful, alynn!! gosh why dun u go build a few shelves in ur room and have them displayed??

one little journey said...

i can't afford the space esp i am using my room for work as well.. there are just too many of them to display. i'm looking for buyers to take over these dolls :-(