Friday, June 5, 2009

something is wrong

i was feeling crabby the whole morning, half the time in a daze, couldn’t get any work done at all. So instead of sitting around and wallow in misery, i thought a walk might do me good. 

i’m neither here nor there 
neither happy nor sad
stuck somewhere in between
feeling empty

what is wrong?


Jo said...

if i felt this way, i'll eat chocolates and drink Coke. Need to get the sugar level up! Keke... ;p

hope u'll feel alright today!

one little journey said...

yeah i am fine. i guess working alone can sometimes feel quite isolated and lonely.

i miss working with fun colleagues.

Jo said...

i see... never mind lah, can still MSN with them to break the monotony. ;)

kellykylie said...

all u need is me beside u.. and u will wish u were alone again. :p

one little journey said...

kelly: that is not possible!! w/o you and your jokes, our gathering is never the same :-)