Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the long way

i was really bad with directions and ended up walking a long way yesterday. Luckily the sun had decided to take a rest for the day, if not i would have been burnt. 

Bugis (mrt) . . . . Sunshine Plaza (printing) . . . . SAM (drop off mail) . . . . ACM (exhibition) . . . . Raffles Place (mrt) 

i was a little disappointed at the exhibition. Don’t be mistaken, McCurry’s photos are great (i had this image of a boy with a stack of pitta in his hand, etched in my mind since) but i was expecting more photographs on exhibit. And the glass panel with the framing causes a lot of glare and reflections that are very objectionable. Otherwise, it would have been a great exhibition.

The Unguarded Moment by Steve McCurry, 19 June – 19 July 2009, ACM
(photos 3, 4 & 5 are from the exhibition)

Today’s break: mysterious fruit


Aaron said...

HEy HEy, I been wanting to go to this McCurry's Exhibition ever since I read it on the paper some time ago. Btw, it is free admission?

one little journey said...

yup, no admission fee needed :-)