Thursday, June 18, 2009

christmas 1979

i bought this second hand poem book at Camden Market for just 10p many years ago. Not that i was into poems but i was attracted to the handwritten message on the first page. The book was a Christmas gift from Janie to her lover.

It’s a little sad that the book ended up in a flea market years later, but the fact remains that, in 1979 or before, they met each other and fell in love. 

Yes, i am a romantic at heart... even though i don’t look like one.


Jo said...

this post sent a "tingle" down my spine - not in the 肉麻 way.

yes, it's so romantic. ;)

elvis once sent me a book too. from bangkok to spore. for valentine's day 2003. i kept it till now and it's here with us in shanghai. on the same shelf where your coffee table book sits. thanks for reminding me of such lovely gifts.

kellykylie said...

on the contrary.. i think u look every bit of a hopeless romantic to me!

one little journey said...

Jo: wow, so elvis is a romantic too! lucky u :-)

Kelly: maybe u know me well that's why. cos a lot of ppl says i look fierce. Can you imagine someone who is fierce is a romantic person? weird right?!