Saturday, June 13, 2009

soapy love

Currently loving these pretty little soap and the packaging.

From L’Occitane (mostly), Crabtree & Evelyn and Como Shambhala.


Jo said...

these are very pretty stuff which one dont have the heart to open and use. BUT must try to use lah...or else also wasted.

the last time we moved houses, i threw away some really old soaps. It's Sanrio ones which i collected during primary school. i actually kept them when we moved the 1st & 2nd time. The 3rd, really have to dump it. Although they dont "stink", i dare to use them either. IF i brought them along with me here, i've got to be crazy. -.-lll

p.s. joel & i are at home coz elvis went to play soccer.

Jo said...

i meant
* i DONT dare to use them either.

one little journey said...

i had some of these for quite a while too, like what you said, they're really too pretty to use!

Jo said...

Have to use it some time...or u'll also throw them if u move houses next time. ;)