Thursday, June 4, 2009

twice in a row

Best photo twice in a row! How lucky am i!

Best photo for Pretty Pink Tuesday – June 2nd: Pretty Pink in my bag

Previously, i’ve submitted quite a few photos whenever i have something suitable for the week. Last week was the first time i did it the other way round – i planned and took photos specially for the theme instead. And now, i’m addicted! i hope i will have time to take part more often.

Can’t believe my good luck, i think i should buy lottery this weekend!


kellykylie said...

WOW! u r good! and who is tt model in ur picture?? got flair too!! :)

one little journey said...

thanks! and that's me in the picture, it's a self-portrait :-)

kellykylie said...

that's double WOW, my friend. i never thot it was a self-potrait!! *round of applause*

Jo said...

Yes, quick go buy Toto AND 4D. ;)