Saturday, June 6, 2009


By yourself.

New Zealand, Kaikoura Beach, 2004

New Zealand, Hanmer Springs, 2004

New Zealand, Christchurch, 2004

UK, London, Hayward Gallery, 2007

UK, London, Covent Garden, 2007

UK, Canterbury, City Wall, 2007

UK, East Yorkshire, Humber Bridge, 2007

UK, London, River Thames, 2007

UK, London, Exhibition Road, 2007

China, Beijing, Lama Temple, 2008

Between Hong Kong and Singapore, SQ, 2008


Jo said...

Married people with kids dont get any ME-time - unless they wake up very early or sleep very late. Today, i woke up at 5am and couldnt get back to sleep. So i decided to just get up (and made a cup of Milo). ;p

Sometimes, it feels pretty good to be alone. You see things in a different light and have time to collect your thoughts.

one little journey said...

5am! i was still watching dvd :-p

i definitely enjoy being by myself most of the time. I get more observant and see things differently. But i love chatting and being out with friends too. i guess everything has to be 'balanced', no more and no less.