Thursday, March 12, 2009


i bought my niece a pink swivel armchair yesterday and decided to do a pink entry. As i was taking the photos, i was really surprise by the number of pink stuffs that surround me everyday. It’s too sweet! Yucks!

So, please bear with me
(pun unintended)

Rose lippy & earring
Not sure when i’ll wear the earring, must be at least 4 years old by now.

Cube earrings
i have another pair in amber which were once my favourites.

Flower earring and loving couple ring
The LV flower was a birthday gift, the ring was from Tatty Devine with Sex and the city book in the background.

Agnes b pencils collection
i took out all the pink ones for this shot.

Seahorse earrings
from Tatty Devine amongst Paul Smith women, Burberry Brit Sheer and SJP Lovely perfume.


THE MAMA said...

Wow!! That is really a lot of pink. I love the lippy packaging.

one little journey said...

i know! It's so scary!

kellykylie said...

the pink chair is so cute... ur niece old enough to sit oredi?!

one little journey said...

looks familiar? she was darn happy to see the chair, can't stop smiling. she can sit but the problem is she can't stop moving, so there must be someone to watch her.