Monday, March 9, 2009


These cards were handmade for a school projects ages ago. As you can see, the paper has turned yellow, the die-cut was rough and the illustration was childlike. It was a very simple one piece die-cut concept but required much consideration and accuracy to work.

The cards were designed in mind to be sold in an astrology shop which i named Astroarts (the logo design was too ugly to be uploaded). The shop would sell all kinds of astrology related stuffs – cards, calenders, books etc.

Cards can be opened for display or closed to keep flat




i think these cards landed me my very first job as a graphic designer. The CD who interviewed me then was quite impressed with these. He specially asked his fellow colleagues (which later became mine too) to look at them during my interview. i got a call from them the next day.


THE MAMA said...

This is really cool. Sagi!! Yeah!!!

one little journey said...

looking back, these look really childish. hehe!