Thursday, March 5, 2009

let me present...

My very own coffeetable books!

i sent these to two of my friends. Thought it would be interesting for them to look at since they had been part of my journey when i travelled to Shanghai and Beijing last December. 

i had a wonderful time. Thanks! xx


Jo said...

Thanks! I LOVE IT! Like i said, it's one of the best gifts i've ever received! I cant thank you enough! I'm sure when Joel is bigger, he'll think the same too. Now, he just wanna grab the book esp when i show him 'his page'... But i dont allow him to hold it least he tears it. Haha... Thanks again! ;D

P.S. And Elvis says there's some shots he really likes!

one little journey said...

i wish the colours can be better, some is really dark. there was a few hiccups in between. but blurb was quick to reply and replaced the books.

p.s. i'm sure elvis likes those pages featuring his lovely wife and adorable son :-)