Wednesday, March 18, 2009

it’s camo again!

i love Tsumori Chisato.
i love camo print.

There is no way i can resist this.


Jo said...

I love these 2 too! Haha... But i only have a Tsumori bag. Their dresses are so pretty but somehow when i try, it always look quite "auntish". :/

I can imagine this skirt already! Will check it out in store here. ;)

P.S. Today, i bought a brandless camo singlet.

one little journey said...

the designs are usually loose cut and looks 'baggy' on me. plus, too ex! so far, i've got a bag and 2 pairs of shoes.

p.s. what else did u buy? i have a feeling you bought more than ONE item today. hehe!

Jo said...

Haha... You got me! 1 hat, 1 Diesel top, 3 singlet (1 camo, 1 black, 1 leopard), and a bangle i thought of getting for Becky's bday coz it's a bit loose for me (plus i just had to buy it coz it's too cool to walk away).

BUT BUT BUT i like it so much, i came home and decided to keep it for myself! Just wear a smaller bangle in front of this. Haha! Terrible! ;p

Not a lot of items though coz i was trying to control myself a bit (plus i was alone which can be quite intimidating). The most ex was the Diesel top. Keke... Anyway, there's always time to shop...and i cant possibly buy the whole world.

Most importantly, i was a happy woman yday! Haha! ;)

one little journey said...

wowow! that's a good shopping day :-)

THE MAMA said...

Wah!! Friend!! I dun own anything by Tsumori Chisato but I love camo too!!

one little journey said...

i think Maharishi has one of the best camo print design

Jo said...

I cant agree more! I love my Maharishi camo with its forests and pines. Too bad its so heavy! Haha! ;)

one little journey said...

heavy bag? i've got one with the bonsai forest print. love it!

one little journey said...

btw, i just rmb i've got 2 tsumori chisato towel. hehe!