Sunday, March 1, 2009

ensemble, c’est tout

Love Audrey Tautou’s short cropped hair in the film.
Hunting and Gathering, 2007

Most remembered:
‘Why can’t you just say [I don’t wish you to leave]?’
‘Is it so difficult to say?’
‘I... I am scare. I am scare of you and i am scare of myself, of everything.’

Please stay.
Two simple words that need a lot of courage to say it.


Snowbrush said...

Two simple words yes, but what if you don't think you can bear it if the answer is no? That makes it harder to risk.

one little journey said...

it's never easy to ask for anything

Jo said...

Indeed. That's why i never say these 2 simple words when Elvis wanted to go to BKK. Anyway, i didnt want to lah... :X

one little journey said...

i can never say it no matter how much i want to :/