Tuesday, March 10, 2009

another lovely day

Today started off with a lovely package arriving at my doorstep.

Tatty Devine package.
This must be the loveliest online purchase packaging that i received so far. Inside the bubble-wrapped pink envelope, my purchase came together with a small-heart shaped lolly, shoe sticker and a jewellery care card. 
(Friday, April 17, 2009) i was clearing the pile of ‘junks’ on my desk today when i realised there’s a cute mini Tatty Devine button stuck inside the corner of the envelope, luckily i didn’t just throw the envelope away!

My Ashish brooch. Remember to salute me :-p
i quickly left the house soon after as i had a list of errands to run today.

Hair cut appointment.
i’ve always like the logotype of the salon. It looks like someone has casually written the name that ended up becoming their logo. Is there a term called ‘Incidental Design’?

Fixing my Daniel.
i ordered the strap and waited for about three months before it was here. Finally can bring my Daniel out again.

Coffee break.
Can’t wait for my first coffee of the day. Skinny mocha with lemon blueberry teacake. i was so hungry i finished the cake in a few minutes.

My butterflies.
This is what i called them when i was little, i used to flatten the leaves in my books and used them as bookmarks. i’ve been to this spinelli countless time but failed to notice their presence. How lovely!

My calendula.
Went to stock up my favourite toner and got these few samples.

Travel guides.
Picked up these brochures for my friends who are visiting this week. Next to Clancy boutique to shorten a pair of jeans. i wish i am taller.

Chose these purely for their nice packaging and colours. Hopefully they taste yummy too.

i might have another project coming up soon! Its a wonderful feeling whenever new clients rang me up and say someone gave them my contact... Over the years, i have quite a number of clients who were referred by someone that i’ve worked before. i really appreciate the gesture and would like to say a big THANK YOU.


kellykylie said...

ok i salute!!! ^_^\

haha, nice brooch!!!!

one little journey said...

Thank you Mdm!