Sunday, February 22, 2009

still lucky

Yesterday was shopping day! Using the vouchers i won from a lucky draw, i was happy to find these three pieces of garments from the boutique despite having to top up about $300 more.

1. Sonia by Sonia Rykiel dress
2. Tsunoda blouse
3. Support Surface capri pants

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To be able to fully utilize these vouchers i won was not at all smooth and easy. Although everything has been resolved and i got my deserved ‘prize’ with sincere apologies from the management, i thought it’s quite an amusing story to share. Below is the email i sent (comprehends the situation) to the A&P Manager who was in charge of the lucky draw.

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Warning: long entry  (read only if you’re bored)
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Dear Ms Low

Misleading lucky draw prizes from “A is celebrating Lucky Draw (28 November – 31 December 2008)”

A (shopping centre) used to be my preferred shopping location; however, it has since changed after my recent disturbing experience with B (one of the boutiques in A) lucky draw prize.
On the first week of December, I entered the above-mentioned lucky draw and was surprised when I received a call informing that I had won $1,000 worth of shopping vouchers from B Boutique. Subsequently, I also received a letter providing further details on the lucky draw prize. Feeling elated about my good luck, I rescheduled my work so that I could make a trip down to C office (the real estate developer that owns A) at Shenton Way to collect my vouchers.

On reaching C, I felt somewhat let down to learn that I had less than 3 weeks to utilize the vouchers. Worse still, when the staff member handed over the inches-thick stack of $20-denominated vouchers, I was both amused and slightly disgusted to speak the truth. Nonetheless, I accepted the vouchers, despite thinking it was a rather ridiculous act of A.

On 30 January 2009, I took out the vouchers, preparing to make a trip down to B boutique. Lo and behold, I noticed a tiny clause printed on the voucher: ‘Each voucher is valid against one item only.’ $20 off for 1 item? Purchasing 50 items in order to fully utilize my $1000 lucky draw prize? In less than 3 weeks? Never once had I imagined that B Boutique would resort to such lowly tricks to delude its consumers!

Of course, I thought I might be mistaken somewhere and so I rang up B boutique to clarify. While trying to explain the situation I had, Ms Sharon, apparently rather used to cases like mine, curtly replied nonchalantly that ‘This was what [she] received from the management memo” and “[it] was the decision made by the management and there is nothing [she] can do.’ I was rather annoyed since she had rudely cut me off mid-sentence without giving me a chance to complete my sentence.

I feel that as a consumer, I had been unjustifiably treated and deceived. I do not think it right for B to claim that a consumer had WON a lucky draw prize worth $1000 when the cost of the prize came with more than 10-folds its value. Precious time was wasted as complete information was not made available to me before I made the trip down to collect my ‘prize’. From a less reputable company, such gimmicks could be forgiven, but not prestigious companies like C and A.
Please give me a clear explanation on what happened and I would like to be contacted via email at xxx.

This email was also cc to the MD and Head of Marketing of B Boutique

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My first thought was: 50pcs printed on cards? Environmental friendly, hello? argh!

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Shortly after i sent the email, i received an email from the MD of B Boutique explaining she had just came to know of the situation and will look into the matter immediately. The next day she replied:

Dear Ms. Teo,

I am very sorry for any of the inconvenience caused. I have looked into the matter and discovered that the stack of vouchers was issued because B had assumed that the vouchers would be given to multiple winners, while on the other hand A had intended to give it away together as a lucky draw prize. We are truly sorry for all the inconvenience caused by the miscommunication between B and A.

Regarding your $1000 worth of vouchers we will be more than happy to revalidate the vouchers without the “valid against one item clause” as well as extend the expiry date till Feb 28, 2009. We will like to call you personally to apologize to you as well as arrange for your $1000 worth of vouchers to be revalidated. Please advise us when is the most appropriate time.

Once again, I am so sorry for all the inconvenience caused, and on behalf of all at B we are very sorry for you unfortunate and unpleasant experience with B.

= = = = = = = = = = = =

Well, i am still lucky!


kellykylie said...

if u had bought 50 items from the boutique in order to use up the vouchers, i think u can just ask them to pack the whole shop for u.. one in each colour! :p

one little journey said...

if i do that, i must be insane. Lowest price item is about $300...

Jo said...

Glad u got what u liked! This "works out" to $100 each piece! Bad maths, but GREAT buy! Hahahaha... ;)

*If it were me, i would be laughing my head off. Did you? ;p

one little journey said...

i am glad i 'fight' for what is rightfully mine. and yes, i am damn happy! can't stop smiling :-)))

Jo said...

high 5