Sunday, February 15, 2009

over the years

1. pager 2. panasonic mobile 3. motorola mobile 4. iphone

My buddies.
1. mini disc walkman 2. 1st generation ipod 3. ipod shuffle 4. iphone

Never enough.
1. cassette tape 2. mini disc 3. compact disc

1. negative 2. polaroid 3. APS film 4. memory card


Barbara Frankie said...

this is super! the pager is by far the best, allowing one to live without the fear of getting robbed!

one little journey said...


Noise said...

Hey, nice blog...I used to have the mindisc player, 1st gen ipod things gets replace so quickly.

one little journey said...

thanks Noise!

the lifespan of the mini disc player is really short, didnt even has the chance to get popular!