Thursday, February 19, 2009

all time fav vs new addition

Tatty Devine vs Sabrina Dehoff

The skull earrings are not really new, but it’s the last pair of earrings to my addition. As for the pair of records, i've been wearing it for as long as i can remember and still loving it!

Who will win this battle of affection? Which pair do you love?


门懿 said...

yeah,Tatty Devine wins!

Jo said...

Those are the ones you wore when we met! ;)

Hmm...tough choice...but i'm a sucker for anything skull & crossbones ;p

Must be expensive!!!

one little journey said...

wow jo, you have v good memory! also, the skull earrings are quite small and yet you can recognise. these were the only 2 pairs i brought to shanghai :-)