Monday, February 16, 2009

be mine

Unnoticeably’s entry reminds me of my version of love heart candy.

London, 2007.

This image looks kind of romantic to me... must be because of v day. i called it the post-v-day-syndrome.


Jo said...

Get off the blog! Enough of post-vday-syndromes. U're supposed to be working today! Deadline hor... Haha! ;p

Think i'm addicted to your journey! ;p

one little journey said...

it's already in the draft, i wanted to post it last night but could not upload the photo. and also, i take it that my deadline is end of tmr, still have one more day :-p

门懿 said...

sorry,i haven't see your comment till now.
and school will begin at 2.23 .
oh,my winter holidays..

i was shocked by these candies.
so cute! seems nice.^^"

one little journey said...

Yeah, they do look cute, and taste equally yummy. enjoy the last wk of your holiday :-)

门懿 said...

thanx. :) is a lottery web?

one little journey said...

yeah. these candy was given out free and the copy was advertised on the back of the packaging.