Saturday, February 14, 2009

movie on a monday afternoon

i don’t know what prompted me to watch movie on my own again after so many years. Anyway, i'm glad i did, it was a great Button movie.


Jo said...

A gal in JKT who reads my blog watched it too...and she also thinks it's very sad. :(

Jo said...

O ya, i have never thought of going to the movies alone although it's no difference from going with friends lah...coz also dont talk during the movie. Somehow, it just feels weird... I would rather miss the movie. ;p

But Elvis used to watch a lot of movies on his own. Haha!

one little journey said...

i used to watch quite a bit on my own too in london and shortly after i came back. now, i'm fine as long as i dun bump into anyone i know. so, weekdays are good!