Friday, February 20, 2009

french ‘invasion’

i wanted to look for some ‘outdated’ stationery and decided to walk around the neighbourhood last evening to try my luck. Can’t find any shops that sell, but i chanced upon two little French shops next to each other – a gourmet deli & patisserie, right in the middle of my old neighbourhood!

How can one resist these?

i have a feeling i will be frequenting a lot.


Jo said...

The last one is Opera? All looks very yummy mann... ;p

Yday, i bought 2 pcs of cakes ¥4.80 (each) from a traditional cake shop here called Ruby. It's famous but cheap! A bit like the kind of cakes Spore had in the 70s. I like those too! Haha... Bakerzin here is so ex!

Now, u made me hungry again! I will go eat that remaining piece. ;)

one little journey said...

That's only about SG$1! i paid 7x for a piece -.-lll