Friday, July 17, 2009

time for laughs

i dug out some old albums this afternoon while helping a friend to plan her England trip. These photos not only bring back fond memories of school days but also how bad i used to look – round face, dumb look, hideous dressing.

Time for a good laugh!

Presenting the dumbest mushroom head... that’s what my friends used to call me.

In the kitchen with my hall mates.

Premises outside my hall. It was very pretty during Autumn and Spring.

Nice typo at the entrance of British Library.

Two weird guys appeared out of nowhere in both photos!

In the college. Those weird shape thingys were my mini ‘negative space’ sculptures. 

Outside Elephant & Castle shopping centre and Ministry of Sound. Both were just a few streets away from my college.

Touristy activity at Tower Bridge.

Enjoying Miss Saigon and Spring.

Having lunch after my first visit to Monet solo exhibition. It was a very popular exhibition, tickets had to be purchased in advance and entry by specific hour only.

Richmond Park – where the deers roam freely.

Brighton, with the lovely pebbles beach.

More touristy activity at Tower of London.

BA graduation show. That lady in pink was looking at my work and she wrote ‘So white’ in my comments booklet. i wonder if she meant good or bad.

Our studio where we had daily crits and discussion.

Me with two unknown dark men sculptures. Also, Henry Moore’s sculpture on New Bond Street.


Jo said...

hahaha... i cant help but to notice the warm hats...and the from-mushroom-to-shoulder-length hair. save money dont need to cut? keke... ;p

Wonderful memories!

one little journey said...

the grey furry hat was super ugly but keeps me really warm. and yes, i didn't cut my hair once when in london, i was a poor poor student :-p

more photos coming. hehe!

kellykylie said...

only one question - how did u slim ur round face to a box face now??

HAHA! :p

one little journey said...

it just changed as one comes of age. i wonder what comes after box :-p

Jon said...

wah crit and discussions, gonna miss that

Chrystal said...

i love the one u took with siang under the cherry blossom. it reminds me the four season outside our hall. miss so much....!!

one little journey said...

i'm sure you're the photographer for that pix! i think 90% of my portraits were taken by you, my constant travel companion for 2 years :-)

chrystal said...

i'm not sure cos i don't think i have this pic. have to check when have time. it's so nice, i hope i have this pic too. do u remember where is it? regents park??

one little journey said...

i guess either you used my camera to take this pix or Ice was there too. i think it was in Camden, could be that same time when we went to feed the geese with Siang near her plc.

ksfioval said...

Yeah, i remembered u in mushroom head!

one little journey said...

haha! thanks hor!