Tuesday, July 14, 2009

curls and bangs

Now spotting curls and bangs after 4hrs at the hair salon yesterday.

i’m going to make it less curl, it’s way too curled from what i had expected.


kellykylie said...

you did it!!!

dun worry, after a week or 2 the curls will naturally die down a bit.

the bangs make u look even younger now! tsk! :p

one little journey said...

supposed to wait for 2 days before i shd wash the hair, but i can't wait! i'm not sure if i look younger with bangs, a bit 'tu' :-p

kellykylie said...

haha the thing with curls is that u have to dress up a bit when u go out.. else will look auntie!

ya when i got the curls i also didn't wait 2 days.. cannot wait. 1 day i went to wash my hair liao. :p

Fine Little Day said...

That hairstyle looks great.

one little journey said...

thank you :-)