Friday, July 17, 2009

more laughs

This batch of photos are slightly better (less dumb looking) because it was towards the end of my studies. Two friends visited and we went on a road trip for about a week, departing from London.

The once filled-with-pigeons Trafalgar Square.

i love this ‘action-packed’ photo – my friend was taking photo of me taking photo of another friend while the pigeons fly around us excitedly!

Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh.

More of Edinburgh.

Toilet break, and the car that accompanied us for the whole trip.

Chester with Lonely Planet and Pepsi. i fell ill after that and didn’t take photos for some part of the trip.

Stratford-Upon-Avon to visit Shakespeare.

Stonehenge at a distance.

The strong wind at Stone Circles gave me a beard.



Jon said...

cool beard!

one little journey said...

i tik so too. will consider to grow it again >_o

ksfioval said...

wow, this is cool.

How come the pics look nicer from ur album/blog.

I missed my 1 month trip in UK...

one little journey said...

maybe because it's smaller than actual photos, less flaw, thus nicer :-p

i dun have a lot of photos from that trip, if only we were using digital cameras then. and the only photos from Windermere were two v sick looking ones - on the boat and at the very girly B&B.