Thursday, July 2, 2009

animals are scarier than insects

i had been thinking to walk a little further from home to take some pictures for the past few days and putting it off as the weather was cloudy. Seeing that the light was good today, i quickly got changed (in just 5 mins or less). And just as i was about to step out of the house, the sunlight was suddenly gone and i saw dark clouds approaching. i decided to go out anyway; to get a loaf of bread. On my way back, i saw this busy bee working.

This photo reminds me of a conversation i had last week. i was telling my friends that animals are scarier than insects. It’s embarrassing to admit but i am afraid of ALL animals. Insects are less scary... at least i dare to kill cockroach as long as it’s not the flying type and not too huge. As for reptile, they are just plain evil... Listen all lizards! Stay away from me! 


Jo said...

Okay... then i'm worse! i'm scared of practically every kind of animal and insects alike. terrible. ;p

one little journey said...

haha! glad i'm not alone

Jo said...

Just last night, i saw a cockroach in my toilet!!! Think it came up from the drainage hole. Elvis wasnt home i knew i had to kill it or else it might disappear into other parts in the house!

My house dont have i took Ahyi's slippers to throw at it. Then it ran to just outside my front door. I stood and aimed a bit too far so missed many times. Haha! Coz knocked it very lightly (the Crocs slipper too light), so the cockroach flipped over, then i had the chance to keep throwing the slipper like a mad woman. Finally i think the cockroach was a bit "tired" i faster took a dabao box to cover it and put the slipper on top in case it climbs out. Then i waited for Elvis to come home to kill it and flush it down the toilet bowl.

Eeee... Throughout the time, my hair stand once every 5 seconds! Hahaha... ;p

one little journey said...

reminds me of the time when we were young. my parents went for holiday and none of us dare to kill cockroaches then. we used laundry pails (all sizes) to cover the cockroaches we saw. not that there are many cockroaches, but we didn't want to take any chance, just in case we really didn't miss it. when my parents return from holiday, they saw this funny sight of upside down pails arnd the living room. and of cos most of the pails turned out to be 'empty'

Jo said...