Tuesday, July 14, 2009

the brightest sun

i kept going through the photos these few days and couldn’t decide which to show because there are just too many that i like. And now... finally! (Photos arranged in order of outfit preference)

Fav outift No. 1 – the opening show.

Fav outfit No. 2 – also my favourite photo of the lot. Sooooo pretty!

Fav outfit no. 3 – The ‘cake’ dress, super cute! And i love the dancers outfit. They reminded me of Rei Kawakubo for Comme des garçons Bumps collections s/s 1997.

Fav outfit No. 4 – the diva. One of my favourite photos, super cool expression.

Fav outfit No. 5 – the clever ‘hidden’ structure for outfit No. 2 which looked awesome on its own too. 

Fav outfit No. 6 – the autumn look? My least favourite but still pretty.

i love love love the song that Stef was singing in the last photo. The lyrics remind me of a friend whom i miss a lot. We used to talk about anything, everyday; on the mobile; texting little updates; chatting online till late... Over the past one year, we had drifted apart and now hardly talk to each other. 



kellykylie said...

i guess you finally managed to figure out which is your fave "get-up"..

and i love the wide-angle photos.. makes the big picture look really professional!

the brightest sun, indeed. :)

Jo said...

must have been AWESOME! ;)

Yao said...

I barely recognized it's Yanzi!
She looked great!