Friday, April 24, 2009

white on white

The cutlery series.



i spent quite a while arranging and re-arranging the cutlery to photograph them. But it was just not to my expectation. The weather was killing me, i was perspiring and decided to make do with what i’ve got. i stacked everything and tried to return to the kitchen at one go (my lazy nature). Stood up, looked down at the big stack in my hand and liked what i saw – unintentional, natural and casual. So i placed it back and took another shot. And in just one minute, i got the shot i like.

Have a good weekend everyone :-)

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Jo said...

mei mei...

my house plates also all white white - from ikea! but i always buy those nice cartoon/graphics cups! not matching. haha... ;p

turn on the aircon!
have a good weekend too!