Tuesday, April 21, 2009

coffee to go

i don’t understand why Spinelli uses full colour printing for cups and extra paper wrappers when they are meant to be disposed once the beverage is consumed.
And why did Spinelli compromise to have both their logos and taglines ‘cropped’ at the folding line? Do they really think that having two logos will make their brand more prominent and superior, thus their coffee more sellable?

i hate to admit that i am one of those who is guilty of contributing to environmental waste for purchasing takeaway coffee in a paper cup. Before i can quit having coffee on the go totally (or bring my own mug), i try to make up in other ways – always design with careful consideration to reduce material wastage to the lowest, use my own reusable bag instead of plastic bag... and i am going to get a set of cutlery to replace disposable ones when dining out.


Jo said...

I think bringing your own recycled bag is the best way - for a start. ;)

one little journey said...

yeah, used to always forget, but it has become a habit now :-)

Noise said...

I think you are making an effort which is very good! Carrying your own bag is a good way!

Coffee on the go dun hv to be wastage if you keep the "cup holder" for next round..since its paper, you can keep it somewhere! Most of the time I think they are completely as new! And we just trash them!

Jo said...

Haha... i suddenly recall that time i lent u my green shopping bag after your crazy shopping at NiHong for Jiuri. ;)

But i'm sure if the paper bag nice nice (esp given by boutiques) we sure will take! At the most keep and recycle! Like that we can be counted as 'Save The Earth' or not??? Haha! ;p

one little journey said...

noise: you're right, the extra paper wrapper can definitely be recycled. i will bear that in mind :-)

Jo: in fact i finally make it a habit to bring my own bag after the china trip. i rmb you always have at least one with you. and when i was in BJ, my friend passed me one to carry with me everyday.

Jo said...

Haha... china pple not bad right?! ;)