Friday, April 10, 2009

na na na na naa

Awesome concert by Kaiser Chiefs!

i predict a riot

The angry mob

Everyday i love you less and less

Ricky Wilson was such an energetic character on stage – he swung and flung the wired mic, then caught it on time to sing on the beat (yes, he Never Miss A Beat); jumping and running all round stage; cheers and drank beer; climbed the scaffolding; trophying mic stand; battering the tambourine; thumbing the percussion... there was never a dull second, it was so much fun jumping and nodding and singing along with him. 

The concert was held on a Tuesday night and i had to stay up late to finish some work after that. i was darned tired the next day but was totally worth it!


Noise said...

Wow, you went for their concert?? Cool!

one little journey said...

it was so good!!