Saturday, April 4, 2009

old-fashioned charm

Most of these nostalgic packaging was collected during my college days in London. i was never the traditional kind of gal, but being away from home alone in a foreign place tends to make one sentimental. i couldn’t bear to throw these packaging away then, having them in my room made me feel nearer from home. Shortly after, i discovered a new charm in these old-fashioned packaging and they soon became part of my packaging collection.

Most of the collection here was from London Chinatown.

i don’t fancy almond cookies, bought it purely for its wrap-a-round packaging. As for the pink netting, i can’t remember its content at all. 
Any idea, Chrystal? i remember you kept one of these too :-)

Whatever its content, it costed 98p.

This little bag for rice is simply adorable.

It came with a little recipe suggestion for perfect cooking.

This is probably the latest item here, but it looks quite nostalgic to me.

The only time i drank these was in London. Now, i am back to my Spinelli and Starbucks coffee again.

Nothing fancy... just simple and direct advertisement on the packs.

Light-hearted, playful types.

The good old days remedies.

Jo recommended me to buy this Nixoderm cream. It reminded me of my nostalgic packaging collection immediately when i saw it in the store, and thus this entry :-) As for the Mentholatum cream, i brought it with me to almost everywhere. i called it my “小护士” (little nurse).


Jo said...

Wow! U found it! Hope it works. I like to use Mentholatum too. But mine is the bigger "tub" for home use. ;)

What i bring almost everywhere is the 白花油 coz i sometimes feel 风油 comes in handy and is super effective. But i always misplace it. :/

U really seemed to drink a lot of 涼茶 when u were in London. I can almost imagine the taste of that 田七花精 now! Haha... ;p

one little journey said...

i use white siang pure balm at home instead of mentholatum cos its more effective for mosquite bite relieve. didnt want to bring that out cos the packaging is too cheena. hehe!

i thought drinking those herbal tea can prevent myself from falling sick. weird thought then.

Jo said...

Hmmm... I dont know what white siang pure balm is. And hey, i thought this post was about cheena packaging! That's why i revealed i used 风油 mah...make me look so aunty! But i always choose 白花油 brand coz the packaging is slightly nicer than Axe oil. Haha... ;p

I guess when u're alone in a foreign country, overworked & stressed, u wont wanna fall sick. Those are just precautionary measures. Haha! BTW, someone told me before that too much 田七 makes women infertile...but proven not true lah.

kellykylie said...

Concert Update - 11 July 2009 @ Singapore Indoor Stadium!!

Ticket prices are at $168, $148, $128, $108, $78 (exclude $3 SISTIC fee) and will start selling next Thursday, 16 April at all Sistic Outlets.

one little journey said...

shucks! the date coincides with a trip i might be going :-(

Anonymous said...

hi there, I really like this posting on packaging...I'm a packaging person & my friends also goes to supermarket to look at packagings.

BTW, how do you take your photos, it always clean & fresh!

Anonymous said...

you got photo lighting?

one little journey said...

awww rabbling, thanks! i love supermarket shopping too, and most of the time was just to check out the packaging design.

Most of the pictures were taken in the my room, next to the window, making use of natural lighting. For those days when the weather was not bright and cheery enough, i will adjust the picture contrast using photoshop :-)

THE MAMA said...

I agree that somehow we feel more chinese and nostalgic when we are away from home in a foreign country. Really cool collection. You could do something and sell on etsy.

one little journey said...

that's a good suggestion, i will think of something when less busy with work.

Noise said... case you are wondering...rabbling is me too! Login to my other account the other time.

I think another way is to listen to local radio online...give you the feel of back home!

one little journey said...

so rabbling and noise is the same person!

i just 'upgrade' to a new camera today. although it's still a point and shoot, but a slightly better one :-)