Friday, April 17, 2009

new toy

:-) :-) :-)

The funny guys at the camera shop joked that people (me) who shopped at this hour (week day afternoon) are rich because they don’t have to work. And so he brought out a Leica leather pouch (to go with the Lumix LX3 that i was going to buy) and the Leica version of the Lumix. i was sure my eyes were twinkling when i saw both, they were so cool!  

“No impulsive buy!”, i said out loud to remind myself twice and the guys laughed. It’s so difficult to resist nice things!

Having said these, i still like my new Lumix though i can’t stop thinking about the brown Leica leather pouch. Should i?


Jo said...

Hey! I went with "the superstar tourist" to the camera building opposite my house today. It's selling ¥3200 here. Approx S$640. I'm not sure what comes with the deal though. The seller also said LX3 is very good. ;)

We saw a couple of Leicas too...soooo nice! Keke...

Happy Snapping! ;)

P.S. The guys have gone out clubbing i can use computer while Joel is asleep.

one little journey said...

i bought at 690, top up to 700 to replaced the 4GB memory card to 8GB. My friend in BJ bought at $700+, more ex than SH & SG.

does your friend knows that he's being branded as superstar tourist? well, i bet you are enjoying your new "superstar tour guide" status too. have fun!

ksfioval said...


never know tt u can take such beautiful pictures!

Keep it up! :-)

one little journey said...